10 Mountain Pools In Lebanon That Will Make You Fall In Love With Summer

10 Mountain Pools In Lebanon That Will Make You Fall In Love With Summer

Lebanon is one of the most beautiful winter and summer vacation destinations in the region.

Mountain pools and resorts, like beach resorts, add a happy vitality to Lebanon's stunning coastline, making summers in Lebanon exceptionally enjoyable.

The Grove Private Pool House – Kfarmatta

The Grove Private Pool House is peaceful, friendly, and good for the amazing summer vibes located just 30 minutes away from Beirut..

The Escape – Kfarmatta

The Escape in Kfarmatta is a nice and friendly place to enjoy during summer.

You can either enjoy a 12-hour stay (9 am till 6 pm) for $100 (or a daily exchange rate) during weekdays and weekends. For 24 hours (8 pm till 6 pm): $150 for weekdays and $200 on weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday).

Mary’s Garden – Bdadoun

For just a 20-minute drive from Beirut, Mary’s Garden is a stunning venue where you can enjoy a splash in the pool, delicious cocktails, and music..

Venus Mountain Resto Pool – Kfarmatta

Venus – Mountain Resto Pool in Kfarmatta is a beautiful resort surrounded by scenic greenery. Currently, the fees are 100,000 LBP per person and are still not fixed for weekends..

SOLEM – Zaarour

SOLEM Zaarour is a great mountain pool destination to have extra fun and enjoy the wild sun and the good vibes..

Casa De Thoum – Thoum (Batroun)

Spending the day splashing around the pool while being surrounded by a good summer mood does not get any better than this..

Opulent Private Pool – Kfarmatta

Located in the heart of nature in Kfarmatta, Opulent Private Pool is surrounded by beautiful trees and a breathtaking view of the green mountains..

PAVO Private Pool – Aley

Located 20 minutes from Aley, the PAVO Private Pool offers a great summer getaway all season long..